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With a Home reversion plan, the homeowner has the ability to release a certain percentage of the properties value.  The percentage available will depend on factors such as your age, sex etc, the general rule being the older you are the more you could qualify for. 

In reality, you are actually selling a proportion of your home for the intent and purpose of raising money.  With home revision plans there is no interest on the money you receive and non to pay at the end.

When you sell or when the property is finally sold you would only qualify for a percentage of the properties value.  This is dependent on the surveys that are undertaken to work out the market value of your property.  The lender often benefits when the property value has increased significantly since the original loan and the time of sale.  The percentage valued borrowed has significantly grown thus resulting in immediate profit for the lender.

These sorts of schemes come in many different forms so check with different lenders and see what is available.  For example some mortgage providers will happily let you sell 100 per cent of your home and other may impose a maximum of 90%.

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