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Environmental impact has been one of the big topics discussed over the recent number of years, words like global warming, carbon footprint have made people think more about the environmental issues concerning the products they buy, how these are made and now extended to the types of companies or organisations they need to deal with.

Many Britons now are looking at many ways to become environmentally friendly such as playing their part in recycling products and employing more efficient devices within their homes to minimise the impact on the environment and create long term savings.

With this in mind mortgage providers are now offering green mortgages, by offering your discounts on their normal variable rate if your home is geared towards being energy efficient or you are looking to loan funds to make appropriate energy efficiencies in your home.  Some mortgage lenders will participate in or work with reputable organisations to plant trees on your behalf by offsetting the carbon footprint of the mortgage.

Who offers green mortgages?

Below are the key providers of green mortgages and information.

Will green mortgages become popular?

Since the launch of government plans to introduce EPCs (Energy Performance Certificates) coupled with the Home Information Packs (HIPS) green mortgages have had more media exposure and created a wider interest across the mortgage communities.  EPC’s will now allow homebuyers to see the environmental performance of the property they are looking to purchase.  Loan and mortgage providers are being forced to look at environmental concerns all the time and even though there are few players in the market at the moment other will soon follow.

Will green mortgages save me on the bottom line?

In reality, green mortgages do come with a price.  Industry research has highlighted that in comparison you other mortgage products green or ethical mortgages can be little more expensive.  It is important that you do your research for green mortgages and comparisons against traditional products.

Make the savings!

If you decide green mortgages are not for you, then it is still very important that you consider  the impact on the environment by implementing a few initiatives such as using the most energy efficient appliances which a normally rated on a specific scale, down to installing better insulation throughout the house.

The next step

If you need assistance or direction with green mortgages then please complete our simple mortgage enquiry form below and we can put you in touch with an appropriate FSA regulated green mortgage lender.