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A Home Condition Report is a report that is prepared in simple English and in an orderly and easy format.  The report will discuss the condition of the property in an objective manner so it can be used by the key people in the buying chain, namely lender, buyer and seller.  

The report will highlight characteristics of the property, areas where potential work may be necessary and how energy efficient the property is.  It is not mandatory for a seller to undertake this kind of report; however it does have its advantages.

A home condition report is a middle tier level of report and can be comparable with what is currently known as a Homebuyer style survey.

The report is usually based on a standard template that is made of many sections.  Each section is given a rating and will detail any areas of concern to the buyer and seller.

Providing a detailed report on the property you are selling is a sound declaration to the buyer that you have nothing to hide and in turn it assists with speeding up the selling process.  

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