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Home Information Packs – What’s Inside?

For buyers and sellers a Home Information Pack provides different types of information and responsibilities.

A buyer will have free access to a Home Information Pack for the property they are buying, the pack will consist of all the information they would need to know about the property, such as legal documents and if the property is likely to require any corrective work.

A seller will be required to present a Home Information Pack prior to the property going on the market.  This will help facilitate a smoother selling process and increase the success rate as buyers will now have more information and details about the property they are buying.

This section will outline and detailed information that is contained within the HIP.

A Home Information Pack contains both compulsory and optional documentation and is as follows:

The following items are a compulsory part of the Home Information Pack:

  • Energy Performance Certificate detailing the energy efficiency rating of your home.
  • HIPS Index that provides a checklist to all the required parties that may be involved in the chain, such as the buyer, seller and estate agent.
  • Sales Statement that details basic information about the property such as location details and type and status i.e. Freehold.
  • Standard Searches such as local authority for water and land.
  • Evidence of Title which is necessary to ensure the legal ownership of the property.

The following optional items can also be included in the Home Information Pack if necessary:

  • Home Condition Report that details the state of the property being sold or bought.
  • Warranties and Guarantees for any work that has been carried out on the property.
  • Legal Summary provided to the buyers
  • Information with regards to the adjoining perimeters and ownership, fences.
  • Contents of what fixtures and fitting will be included in the sale of the property.

If you are looking to sell a property that falls under leasehold or commonhold, then there may be some additional documentation that will be required for submission. 

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