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Adverse credit mortgage deals become popular

12/02/2008 have found that adverse credit mortgages have become more poplar.
Lenders are being much more cautious in the amount of cash they are prepared to offer potential applicants. Many mortgage lenders have lowered their loan to value requirements (LTVs) meaning majority of homebuyers will need greater deposits. Alliance & Leicester has reduced its standard LTV from 95 per cent to 90 per cent. Yorkshire Building Society does not offer a 100 per cent LTV and has reduced many of its products to 75 per cent LTV., Francis Ghiloni, business development director commented: " This year, for the first time, information relating to student loans will be incorporated into people's credit files so missed payments here will show up on the 'credit worthiness' radar. Also, fourteen credit card providers have signed an agreement to make individual's 'behavioural data" available to all three of the UK's credit reference agencies."

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