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Best value bank given to HSBC


HSBC has been classed the best value mortgage lender in the whole United Kingdom, the home loan company brought this data forward, leaving many mortgage holders in a position to take advantage from this example.

HSBC was awarded the main stream Bank for ‘best value’ decided by What Mortgage. It summed up that homeowners could deposit £25,882 in interest via a 5-year term on a £99,000 interest only mortgage deal.

Basically looking at this from a different perception the amount is £964 cheaper than majority mortgage lenders, it is also £5,719 lower than the lowest mortgage deal in the market today.

Nearly reaching 6 years, the banking institution has been awarded by What Mortgage’s best value of the year.

Rob Chesters, head of mortgages at HSBC spoke further, "HSBC is committed to offering long-term value and these awards show that our success is no flash in the pan."

"The real winners are our customers who continue to enjoy great value throughout the life of their mortgage."

In relation to market capitalisation, HSBC is the UK’s biggest banking institution.

It was proven that the Royal Bank of Scotland, Lloyds TSB, Natwest and Barclays were the UK’s four big banking corporations, making this figure five with HSBC in position.

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