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The Institute of Payroll Professionals has stated that various websites are being setup to offer bogus payslips.

IPP clarify that many online websites are providing ‘double’ payslips without checking or confirming people’s history. IPP website stated;  “These websites can not legally verify the details provided by consumers looking to buy fake pay slips as the only official parties who would prove salary information - the payroll departments of their employer and the HMRC - are bound by the Data Protection Act.”

IPP feel that this purchasing of payslips online will only cause serious fraud or simply increase consumer debt.

CEO of IPP, Maurice Cheng commented: “There are websites that claim people can buy replacement payslips for those that are damaged or lost but the IPP wants better monitoring of these providers to protect consumers and loan companies alike.

“To provide a payslip to someone where you have no proof of their earnings has to be deemed fraud. ”

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