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Borrowers now safe with Skipton Building Society


Borrowers are not certain about what is going to happen to the interest rates by 2008, according to this Skipton have launched a range of mortgage deals to help struggling homebuyers.

By mixing and matching through an option of fixed rates, trackers, base rate, capped rate and discount rate products, homebuyers can organise for any sudden interest rate increase and decrease by paying a total of 5.19% with Skipton.

Head of lending, Colin Dale, at Skipton, spoke further, “None of us has a crystal ball to know what interest rates are going to look like in a few years’ time. That makes it hard for today’s borrowers when it comes to choosing a product – for example, do you fix your rate, even though the base rate could be nearing the top of its cycle, or do you track the base rate even though it’s likely to rise in the short term? At Skipton, we have the answer because, unlike many lenders, borrowers can mix and match to plan for any outcome.

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