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Bradford & Bingley receives £2bn of mortgages from Kensington


The high lender Bradford & Bingley brought £2bn of residential mortgages and agreed to buy this for 2 years from the Kensington Group.

Bradford & Bingley has a loan book of £36.1bn, they want to work with prime self-cert and buy-to-let mortgages from Kensington every month.

The shares within the group experianced a decrease last month after it told that profits in the future would be more less then expected. This concluded the leave of John Maltby, Position as a chief executive, where Alison Hutchinson took his position.

At the end of November period Kensington’s loan book figures were £7.2bn this decreased to £6.9bn february period.

Between the two lenders Kensington stated that Thursaday’s deal was not the first portfolio change. Kensington had sold one to B&B as last autumn, this left both parties in a stronger bond and guranteed to help the business relationship.

Bradford & Bingley feel that the week’s lending volumes had been complete, this because of the demand and firm sector of the buy-to-let market, leaving the company a greater length via lending.
GMAC in 2004 sold a £123m loan book to Bradford & Bingley.

During February period the firm stated that it’s loan book had stepped up 16per cent over 1 year to a staggering £36.1bn – this comparison to 4.5 per cent of the total UK mortgage sector.

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