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Britannia cuts mortgage rates


Promising news for mortgage payers in the UK as the Britannia cuts mortgage rates on its two year discount tracker as well as on it’s three and five year fixed rate mortgages.

As well as these new deals to choose from, the Britannia has introduced LTV bands on mortgages, which gives mortgage lenders LTV options of 60%, 80% and 90%.

"These new mortgage options offer a wide choice of market-leading rates for borrowers. And for existing Britannia members there's even more choice with our member-only mortgage - ensuring we continue to put our customers first," said Managing Director of Member Business, Tim Franklin.

“For borrowers who are unsure whether to opt for a fixed rate or a tracker product, our win/win option gives them the best of both worlds.”

Another option, called the win, win option is also available on the two year discount tracker mortgage at Britannia. This option allows mortgage payers who take out the win, win option to have the flexibility to change to a fixed rate mortgage if they want to without having to pay the repayment charges.

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