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Brokers feel a high demand in the future for 100% LTV mortgages


Nearly 78 per cent of mortgages brokers feel that the 100 percent plus LTV mortgage and personal loan market, will increase in demand over the next two years, Alliance & Leicester Mortgages reveals.

Due to the vast majority of different providers offering products that combine a mortgage with a personal unsecured loan, the market is getting ready to increase consumer demand for certain products.

Head at Alliance & Leicester, Jeremy Claridge commented: “With increasing house prices and rising interest rates, homebuyers and remortgagers will be looking for affordable ways to get a mortgage. We are pleased to see that most brokers predict this market will grow within the next two years as these products offer a great opportunity for borrowers who need some additional funding.

It’s good to see so many brokers are familiar with the 100% plus LTV mortgage and personal loan market and they have started advising on these products.”

100% plus LTV mortgages are old products for the niche market, with total three out of four, 74 per cent of brokers saying they have advised on this product.

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