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Buy to let mortgages increase


Buy to let mortgages have increased further more throughout January period. Figures estimated a five per cent increase since December 2007, more news revealed.

Hampton Mortgages carried out further investigation showing that buy to let mortgages were at 39.53 per cent in December 2007 and have rose to 44.54 per cent. The buy to let sector will always remain strong Cornell spoke.

Director of Hampton Mortgages, Jonathan Cornell, manager commented: "I would hope that 2008 will signal a positive year for buy to let and residential borrowers alike. It cannot be argued that amidst all of this doom and gloom, it is nice to see a glimmer of hope on the horizon."

He spoke further explaining that the great proportion of buy-to-let mortgages which were taken out by Hampton customers towards the start of this year has "rose contrast" to a certain amount which was taken out February 2007 last year.

In the intervening time, a statement from the Council of Mortgage Lenders exposed that the number of mortgages taken out for property purchase reduced by over ten per cent during 2007.