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Buy-to-let sector becomes stronger


Current buy-to-let investors are happy investing their money on more homes, they have the greatest assurance on trace, a new case study has revealed.

Paragon have shown the results of its buy-to-let survey representing that landlord's confidence is increasing regardless of the current climate of rising interest rates.

Paragon Mortgages, managing director John Heron commented saying that tenant demand is "strongly underpinning the market", principally as the amount of students and immigrants boost.

He added, "Despite ill-placed criticism of the buy-to-let sector, rented accommodation is becoming an increasingly important part of the UK housing market."

Landlords are targeting homes, which are unaffordable for people who can and will not get on the property ladder for whatever circumstances their tenants may suffer.

According to paragon mortgages survey, the average landlord owns 11.5 properties, which is expected to increase to 12.5 by 2008.

Council of Mortgage Lenders figures revealed that 12 per cent of all mortgage loans were buy-to-let mortgage deals and this was taking up most of the property sector.

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