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CHL mortgages introduce new mortgage products


CHL Mortgages have introduced two new home loan products, one full-status and the other self-cert.

This new self-cert loan is fixed at 6.15% through to April 30 2010, at this stage it will relapse to base rate plus 1.25%.

The maximum LTV lies at 90% in conjunction with a maximum loan of £451,000.

The LTV for a first-time buyer equals to 85% of £300,000.

A completion fee of 1.5% of the progress and early repayment fee is 6% of the abiding balance up to the end of a fixed rate period.

This loan is a discount tracker priced at a staggering 6.64% until 2010.

Borrowers have a chance to make repayments up to 20% every year without the ERC.

Head of sales at CHL Mortgages, Trevor Child spoke further: “The new home loan products deliver great value to both the self-employed with our self-cert product and those opting for our full-status offering. CHL does not provide self-cert products to the employed and therefore those who are able to fully prove their income will now be able to access CHL through the full-status product.”

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