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Chancellor pushes for fixed rate mortgage deals


The Chancellor wants to push 25 year fixed rate mortgages forward, according to research from

The chancellor commented: "I want to see more flexible and affordable long-term fixed rate mortgages for 10, 20 or even 25 years. Emphasising that he intends to investigate how to make a framework that will allow the UK to achieve affordable, long term fixed rate mortgages."

A recent survey carried forward by showed that 37 per cent of people would opt for a 25 year fixed rate mortgage; the remaining 28 per cent would go for a medium term fixed rate deal.

James Caldwell, director at commented: "The fact that the majority of people would go for a long or medium term fixed rate mortgage."

A vast majority of people said that they would go for a short-term fixed rate mortgage deal, the remaining said that they would not choose a fixed rate mortgage simply because they would not have the authority to take advantage of the Bank Of England’s base rates.

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