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Cheshire Building Society offering 25 per cent fixed rate mortgage


The latest mortgage news indicates that Cheshire Building Society is offering 25 per cent fixed rate mortgage.

Moneyfacts concluded that the 20–25 year deal offers a 5.97% rate, looking at this overall when comparing it leaves a figure of 6.4% APR making this a great deal.

Cheshire is known to give great deals, offering a range of fixed choices including long-term deals up to 20-25 years, including a non-early repayment charge when tied in a deal.

Marketing Director, Anne Somers at Cheshire Building Society commented, "Traditionally, many borrowers have been put off long-term products as they are concerned that their situation will change or that rates will be lowered once they are locked into a deal.

"Many borrowers look at these products as six year fixed rate mortgages with an option to continue at the same rate if they wish until the end of the long-term fixed rate period or repay it without incurring any early repayment charge," She added.

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