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Commercial Mortgages 11% higher on London retail sales


In central London, retail business owners, also those with Commercial Mortgages found a rise on sales around December.

The LRC, London Retail Consortium felt that sales in December rose 11 per cent more than last year (2005), while the total amount recorded in 2006 were 11.5 per cent more than in 2005 last year.

For the sales being so successful this year more and more visitors came and took part. The LRC feels that pre-Christmas discounts and sales following the busy period helped bring high public traffic to shop.

"These are good results, driven by some competitive retail offers and a strong recovery in tourism. Said Kevin Hawkins, director of LRC.

"I hope we will keep up momentum, although the comparatives with last year will get harder as the months go by."

The confederation of British Industry stated that after September, the rising in volume of purchases "exceeded expectations" round December time.

The retailers with Commercial Mortgages never thought that the growth of sales would lead and follow through January term, which was quite pleasing.