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Full status and self-cert fixed rates reduced by UCB Home Loans


UCB Home Loans the prime lender concluded that a depreciation of 0.15% on the selection of residential self-cert and complete area fixed rate mortgages is due on 29 March.

5.84% Self-Certification two year fixed rate which is flexible at 7.5% APR

Self-Certification three Year Fixed Rate (Flexible) also available at 5.79%, 7.3% APR

7.0% APR, Self-Certification five year Flexible Fixed Rate on offer at 5.74%

Complete total two year Fixed Flexible Rate from 5.74%, 7.5% APR

Complete total 3 year Fixed Rate which is Flexible also on offer at 5.69% 7.3% APR

Director of UCB Home Loans, Keith Astill spoke further: “The market is demonstrating a strong preference for competitively priced fixed rates at the moment, mainly driven by expectations of another base rate increase in the near future”.

“As a leading specialist lender, we strive to provide our intermediaries with a wide range of products to choose from based on their customers needs, as demonstrated by our recent launch into the adverse market”.

He added, “With arrangement fees of just £595 on these new these fixed rates and a free valuation on selected products we’re committed to providing the market with competitive product options”.

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