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Recently research was carried out by a mortgage lender that summed up offset mortgages. Intelligent Finance the leading mortgage lender stated that up to 75 per cent of people who borrow money now are thinking of decreasing their mortgage plan and are making additional lump sum payments towards there mortgage deal. Intelligent Finance feels that flexibility is very important with a mortgage loan and people should be aware of what the mortgage deal is offering.

Mark Parker director of Intelligent Finance commented: "We now have a new generation of mortgage holders who want more flexibility and the option to pay off their mortgage as soon as possible, rather than go on borrowing into old age."

However Mark Parker spoke further, many borrowers think more of the responsibility of a mortgage loan and look more in to the mortgage deal and what benefits there are in a mortgage deal. People look at if they can make overpayments and underpayments and take repayment holidays without any type of penalty.

Those with an unconventional employment are most suitable to go with a self-certification mortgage, this is simply workers who have a couple of different jobs.

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