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Godiva Mortgages put mortgage products on hold


Godiva Mortgages are in the process of launching a new range of products. They currently provide buy-to-let and self-certification mortgages, however they are planning to place both range of products on hold.

Godiva revealed that it had linked up with numerous intermediaries to help sell various products.

In simple terms this signifies that consumers wishing to take on a equity release mortgage can access and gain advice from Key Retirement Solutions, Home & Capital, or even Helen Brown Financial Services.

Equity Advice and NHFA have been stated as advisers who have connected with Godiva to introduce the new products.

Managing director of Godiva, Colin Franklin, commented: "We have listened hard to advisers when designing our equity release products and we are confident they will appeal to IFAs and their clients. We have had positive feedback at this early stage, and we look forward to announcing product details at the end of the month."

Managing director, Simon Little, of Home & Capital, also suggested:"The Godiva team has done a great job with their equity release proposition. By taking their time to develop their products, and waiting until the climate was right."

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