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High demand for lodgers to decrease mortgage burden


Todays homeowners are rapidly changing to lodgers just because they want to decrease the mortgage burden, reports Gumtree. Landlords over the last 6 months have been advertising a bedroom to let in their property.

Mortgage holders are having difficulties meeting their mortgage repayments, over 30 per cent feel this way, however 12 per cent are saying letting out a bedroom is the only way out and this will help them financially.

Sophy Silver at Gumtree spoke further, "Lodgers sharing your home can be an easy way to help curb spiralling costs,"

"As well as being a lucrative solution, flatsharing can be a really fun experience for young professionals looking to widen their network of friends and have fun while they save their pennies for their own place.

"With the research indicating that it’s become more socially acceptable for young adults to flat share for longer, we expect the 'room-to-let' boom to last for quite a while to come."

Figures have showed that nearly 30 per cent of adults are letting a property in Sheffield and Liverpool.

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