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Long-term returns via student accommodation


Landlord Mortgages reveals that parents can make a good profit if they choose to buy a house for their child to live while at University. Figures up to £33,000 profit return over a three-year term is easily possible, Landlord Mortgages states.

University students, which wish to study in Edinburgh, would see the highest returns after a 3-year period. Landlord Mortgages estimated a profit of £31,527 if parents choose to rent out three of four bedrooms while their child were to live as a group in one home, this would leave their child a rent-free period of 3 years.

London is also a ‘hot-spot’- £29,346, £22,990 - St Andrews,  £19,935 – Bath also has potential for a long term return, figures around £19,000 over a 3-year period. Property has always been a good investment, looking at figures from the early years house prices have risen and are to a further rise towards the end of 2007.

Managing director of Landlord Mortgages, Lee Grandin, commented: “With property prices steadily rising, particularly in Scotland and London, there is clear scope for a high return on investment. Rental yields remain steady so student property will definitely make a solid asset and one well worth considering.”

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