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Mortgage Types explains the advantages of comparing mortgage deals online


A vast majority of households could save nearly £547 each year if they simply decided in comparing mortgage deals online, explains further.

Over 84 per cent of homeowners are overpaying on their financial products, explained that comparing mortgage deals could save people on the long-term basis.

This figure of £547 starts from switching ones home insurance, motor insurance, mortgages, personal loans and credit cards. Facts and figures gathered from the independent financial comparison website indicated that large saving would come from switching a personal loan.

Chief Executive of, Sean Gardner commented: "Our analysis shows potential savings of up to £547 are on offer from reviewing basic financial products and that would be a major boost for household budgets.

"Not everyone will save that much but four out of five of us are overpaying for at least one of the financial basics. Typically, UK consumers are paying out £150 per year more than they need to. I'd urge people to spend just a few minutes online to review their finances."

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