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More homebuyers searching through Internet to find mortgage deals 


An industry expert has confirmed that people are happy to research their mortgage online.

He said that it was more often than not people who already had a little experience of online mortgages, which went on to arrange their finances via the Internet.

The spokesman added, "A lot of people are incredibly nervous about going the whole hog and arranging their whole mortgage online,"

"We find that a lot of buy-to-let buyers like to arrange their mortgages online because it an investment and it's all about keeping costs down."

"A lot of people start the process off and get a fair way through it but, as ever, human nature kicks in at the end and, especially when you are faced with that final press the button moment, you think 'am I doing the right thing?'"

A short time ago, stated that many mortgage lenders were raising their rates, notwithstanding the fact that the Bank of England opted to keep interest rates at 5.75 per cent during September period.