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Over 75 per cent of mortgage brokers feel that as a job role their task has become more advisory; Alliance & Leicester explained why this was happening.

A recent survey carried out found that nearly 50 per cent of brokers provide their clients with more advice than they did six months ago, simply because of current status of the housing market.

Mortgage brokers feel they have gave 25 per cent of their time offering advice and guidance to potential borrowers, a number of brokers felt that this would only help to secure a ‘longer-lasting relationship’.

Director of mortgages at Alliance & Leicester, Raj Uppal spoke further: “Brokers who have devoted time to working closely alongside clients in a more advisory capacity feel that their efforts will be rewarded in the future with better client relationships and ultimately result in higher business income. Mortgages have hit the main news agenda in recent months and this has perhaps led to more people questioning brokers about the different aspects involved in taking on a mortgage.”

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