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Potential investors who are thinking of entering the Cape Verde property market are being presented a variety of partially sourced products from abroad.

The sequence of fresh products are now obtainable for property situated on the islands of Santiago and San Vincente around the Cape Verde archipelago, giving further investors admission to properties which have before had moreover no or slight limited mortgage solutions.

Assetz Finance a independent firm are offering a 85 percent loan to value mortgage product, together with a sequence of products which offer interest rates preliminary from 7.25 percent. The arrangement and valuation fees have been terminated and there are rearrangements to early, existing repayment terms.

Mortgage manager, Katy Hepworth for Assetz Finance commented: “A breakthrough will provide a further incentive for UK and Irish investors looking to purchase in Cape Verde, with lower deposits resulting in higher gearing and magnifying the real returns on cash invested.

“It is already proving a hot bed for investors and with our new range of mortgage products now making it even easier to invest here I would expect to see this trend continue, with further overseas investors keen to capitalise on this prosperous market.”

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