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Nationwide changes its range of mortgage products


Nationwide Building Society has changed a number of factors within their mortgage range.

Amendments made, which will strike upon individually on tracker and fixed-rate mortgages, will bring new interest rates to a number of their current mortgage products.

Depending on the building society, the existing range of mortgages will be withdrawn at 11:58 BST during October 1st 2007, along with fresh set of deals replacing them right away.

Nationwide Building Society suggested that nearly most of its fixed-rate mortgages would carry on being completely flexible, this would enable borrowers to make underpayments and overpayments, also give people a chance to take payment if they insisted.

Nationwide Building Society added, "They are also fully portable, so borrowers can take their mortgage with them if they decide to move to a new home during the deal period."

Their fixed-rate mortgage costs comprise a five-year deal that offers a stunning rate of 5.85 per cent, however a fee of £599 is involved when taking on this type of mortgage deal.

Gordon Brown prime minister has made it clear to make an extra long-term fixed-rate mortgage product which will be available to persist people through the financial doubt.

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