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Nationwide interest rates increased


Nationwide Building Society have increased the interest rates on fixed rate and tracker mortgages, this inflation will take effect from May 16th 2007.

Nationwide Building Society’s new interest rates are as follows: (Home Mover range) a 2 year fix with £499 fee at: 5.58%, 10 year fix with £499 fee from: 5.58% and a 2 year tracker with £1,999 fee from a comfortable: 4.59%.

Another deal of a 2 year fix, no additional fees charged from - 5.98%; A different deal of a 2-year fix with £999 fee from - 5.43%; Also a 3 year fix, with £499 fee, from: 5.78%; and the final deal of a 5 year fix with £499 fee starting from: 5.58%;

Homeowners who want to take out additional borrowings or people who want to remortgage, the new rates are as follows: 2 year fix no additional fees from: 6.13%; 2 year fix with £999 fee from: 5.58%; 2 year fix with £499 fee from: 5.73%; Finally a 3 year fix with £499 fee from: 5.93%; and a 5-year fix with £499 fee from - 5.73% with a 10-year fix with £499 fee from: 5.73%.

A £100 discount will be forwarded to existing Nationwide mortgage customers when they proceed with their reservation fee, simply when switching from one product to another nationwide product, purchase a new property or borrow a large sum of cash.