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Nationwide lender changes its best mortgage rates


Nationwide the leading UK lender has made changes to a number of its mortgage rates.

The company stated that an increase in swap rates had caused a reason for the building society team to make further changes to its fixed rate deals.

Starting from Wednesday 06, the lenders two-year fixed product with a £599 fee starts from 6.25 per cent; a fee can be taken up with an interest rate of 6.65 per cent.

The mortgage lender has also offered a five-year and ten-year fixed mortgage deal with a £599 fee, the interest rates lie from 6.10 and 6.14 per cent.

A vast majority of borrowers have started to remortgage their property. The director for mortgages at Nationwide, Matthew Carter, stated that despite all the changes which have taken effect, the building society always aims to "offer our members the best possible mortgage deals".

Results which came on board from Nationwide showed that house prices in the UK were 4.4 per cent lower than in 2007, however around five per cent higher than two years ago.


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