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New Buy-To-Let Mortgage launched by Natwest


On Monday 10th December, Natwest Bank will launch a new buy-to-let mortgage deal.

RBS Intermediary Partners shall be bringing forward two new ‘no fees’ 2 year fixed rate deals. These new commodities, a single for purchases and a single for remortgages, will be offering an initial interest rate of 6.99% up to 31 January 2010 for all remortgages and purchases. The remortgage deal will too comprise free standard legal fees and valuation.

NatWest are also looking into a new 5-year fixed rate buy-to-let product offering a 5.65% initial deal which will last up to January 2013.

Head of Accounts, Graham Felstead at RBS commented: “The group are keen to grow the presence in the buy-to-let market so they have introduced these two new ‘no fees’ products specifically to help landlords to enter the market or to expand their portfolios by keeping the initial set up costs down. And, for those who want longer term stability for their portfolio’s monthly repayments the new 5 year fixed rate product offers them a very attractive deal.”

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