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New Commercial Mortgages from Base Ltd


Base Commercial mortgages Limited, a specialist commercial mortgage lender, confirmed that through 2008, their specialist commercial mortgage brokers have come first in line to help obtain a commercial mortgage.

Director at Base Commercial, Paul Marland commented: “Continuing uncertainly in the credit markets has resulted in many traditional banks tightening lending criteria and reducing lending volumes.

“Commercial lending is, however, a very different discipline to residential lending and has plenty of potential pitfalls for brokers who are not familiar with handling applications from businesses as opposed to individuals.”

New firm Base Commercial provides commercial mortgages among £3 million to undersized and medium sized businesses throughout England. Wales and Scotland. The firm brings forward a broad range of commercial lending services across the credit spectrum where it markets via qualified commercial mortgage brokers only. This new firm are based in Peterborough area where it has employed a knowledgeable team of commercial lending experts.

A vast majority of borrowers are always searching for great commercial mortgage deals, with this being the case, Base Commercial feel that they have the ability to help borrowers, which are currently struggling to obtain a commercial mortgage.



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