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New Products launched by Bristol & West Mortgages


Exclusive Connections, which is known as the UK’s No 1 packager is going to launch 3 whole new mortgage products which has been funded by Bristol & West mortgages. One product is a self-certification mortgage and the other 2 are buy to let (BTL) products.

The buy-to-let product contains a three-five year fixed rate with a 3 year alternative of 6.09% including a 85 percent LTV and a £1,499 arrangement fee. The other, 5 year option at 6.24%, with a 90% LTV and a 1.75% arrangement fee.

The 3-year fixed self-cert mortgage is available up to 90% LTV with a 1.9% arrangement fee.

Managing Director of Exclusive Connections, Matthew Arena, commented: “The products give the customer the confidence of fixed mortgage payments for three or five years which is valuable in the current market.”

Senior Product Manager, Bob Stanworth from Bristol & West spoke further: “The prospects for Buy to Let as a viable investment vehicle remain very positive and these products underline our commitment to providing quality products to potential investors.”

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