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New active mortgage management offered by Moneygate


Mortgages Adviser Moneygate have developed an active mortgage management system where people can see how mortgages can be sold on the market, commission free.

There is a nominal fee, which should be paid only once, and an annual charge will occur of £50.

Moneygate feels that the software, which is being used at the moment, Trigold and proprietary, their clients could save nearly £1 million each month with this new software.

Dennis Reed Moneygate commercial director said, ‘Most brokers want to help their clients get the best value mortgage but we see our goal as helping clients to get rid of the best value mortgage as quickly as possible.’

Creating software to convey the service took several years at a charge of six hundred thousand pounds Reed stated, with the outflow met by six other partners and himself.

The production is spread into an online service with offline deliverance, waiting on homeowners looking through the web for deals to convey certain enquires and new business.

Reed stated that the split could also allow advisers to respond faster, approving the average mortgage deal within 23 working class days, this nearly double efficient than the average approval method on the market today.

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