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New self-cert mortgages introduced by Mortgage Express


Lender Mortgage Express has introduced a number of market-leading self-cert mortgage deals. Within the self-cert sector the following deals have been adjusted with better-fixed rate deals which people can take full advantage on. Self-cert mortgages are starting to become much more popular Andrew Gerber comments.

Mortgage Express has decreased the rates on remaining products by 35bps. This new deal offers a 2-year self-cert mortgage with a stunning rate of 5.99%. The deal has an arrangement fee of 999 pounds; with a (LTV) loan to value of 90%.

Lender Mortgage Express has changed its pricing on its 3 year fixed rate self-cert mortgage at a steady rate of 5.44%. From the total loan there is an arrangement fee of 1.5% and the (LTV) can be available up to nearly 90% LTV.

Head of self-cert mortgages, Andrew Gerber, at Mortgage Express, states: “The variable income of many self-cert customers means fixed rate mortgages can be a very attractive option. Our highly competitive products enable customers to obtain peace of mind by locking into a fixed rate mortgage with a best buy rate.”

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