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New three and five year fixed rate mortgage deals by Leeds building society


Leeds Building Society has launched a brand new range of three and five year fixed rate mortgage deals.

This product contains fee free options for customers which require assistance with down payments and, for borrowers who require flexibility. Leeds product offers a chance to make deposits without being struck an early repayment charge.

General manager, Karen Wint of marketing and customer services said, "We know that many borrowers like the ability to budget through fixed monthly payments and large numbers of mortgage customers will be coming off existing fixed rate deals in 2008.

"To be able to lock in value with a range of flexible options to suit a borrowers needs provides excellent peace of mind.

"Furthermore, all the products are fully portable, so if customers do wish to move during the term they can take the mortgage with them."

The fixed rate mortgage deal does not carry a higher lending charge and, unlimited capital repayment options are available for customers.

The fee-free versions benefit from free in-house legal services for remortgages and the product consists a free valuation of up to £335.

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