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Today it is comfirmed that internet can be a reliable source for mortgage information. A member from the Alliance & Leicester has concluded that there is a small interest via online mortgages.

Sally Lauder feels that majority of people want to discuss their options in person with a mortgage advisor, as taking on a mortgage is a big step for first-time buyers.

People feel talking in person or even on the phone is much eaiser and helpful then using the internet however people who understand the mortgage market would find it much easier to complete a mortgage application online.

Ms Lauder knows that banks have not yet released the online application facility, however feels they should in the near future.

Ms Lauder commented, "We find generally first-time buyers will want to sit down with someone, because it's the biggest financial commitment they make of their lives, it's very new."

She added, "They probably won't…understand mortgages; the different options open to them. They'll want to sit down with a professional advisor, be that in a high street branch or with a mortgage broker."

The more experienced home buyers are using the interenet to check and research the market, internet revenue is sure to increase in the near future.

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