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RBS launch’s new fixed rate deals


A new five-year and ten-year fixed rate product has been launched by RBS Intermediary.

Fixed rate deals will be available from Monday 5 November. The 10-year fixed rate deal starts at 5.79 per cent through to 31 January 2018, and carries a maximum LTV of 95 per cent in conjunction of a £999 arrangement fee.

To add, a 5-year fixed rate deals at 6.19 per cent running through until 31st January 2013. This deal will be available up to a maximum LTV of 100 per cent with an arrangement fee of £999.

RBS have increased the competitiveness of its first-time buyers commodities by dropping rates across the board on selected deals, LTVs range in the region of 95-100 per cent.

Director of intermediary mortgages at Chris Pearson, commented: “With the expectation that interest rates have topped out and the availability of longer term funding at pretty competitive rates.

"It is clear the longer term fixed rate market as one that will get more attention over the coming months and we want to be seen as one of the key players. By offering 100 per cent on our 5-year product we are opening the door for first-time buyers to nail down some certainty on their monthly repayments.”

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