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The Alliance & Leicester firm have started to change their mortgage deals to attract more new customers.

On Tuesday 6th February the new mortgage will be available for new customers and will have the following qualities;

- Across different deals the headline rates will be reduced

- Buy-to-let rental cover of 100% needed by Alliance & Leicester on certain items

- Buy-to-let and Self-certified mortgages now available at only 90% LTV
Close to the main areas buy-to-let mortgages now available at only 85% LTV

Fixed rate items and market leading tracker

Buy-to-let – 5.18% 2year Fixed Rate, max LTV 75%, 1,999 pounds for arrangement fee, rental cover up to 100% required. The ERC will be 6% until 31/03/2008 then decrease to 5% until 31/03/2009.
Self-Certified – 5.84% 2year Fixed Rate, LTV max 90%, 1,300 pounds for arrangement fee. ERC 6% - 31/03/2009.

Near Prime – 5.84% Fixed Rate, LTV max 80%, 999 pounds for arrangement fee. People who remortgage gain 250 pounds cashback. Free valuation, ERC 6% 31/03/2009.

“We’ve made significant improvements to our specialist mortgage range today. Not only have we sharpened up our rates but we now offer a rental income of just 100% on some of our buy-to-let deals. We now also offer some self-certification and buy to let deals at 90% LTV, which makes our range even more accessible. These changes result from broker feedback and they further strengthen Alliance & Leicester’s proposition to them and their clients.” Head of intermediary Mortgages, Mehrdad Yousefi at Alliance & Leicester comments.

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