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Wales pinpointed as the top buy-to-let investment place


Throughout the whole United Kingdom, Wales has been singled out the best area for buy-to-let investors, more news revealed.

The Paragon Mortgage lender has put forward figures for buy-to-let appreciation and has concluded that Welsh property has increased by nearly 18 per cent in the last 12 months.

Benefiting investors, mortgage statistics reveal that rent has increased by an average of 33 per cent, leaving buy-to-let investors with a good comfortable asset.

Managing director from Paragon Mortgages, john Heron stated totals by pointing the countries positive economic backdrop under large increase on tenant demand.

He spoke, "Rents in rising strongly in Wales but so are property values, although to a slightly lesser extent,”

A guardian stated that many first-time buyers were looking into buying a property to rent even before settling in their own home, they clearly are seeing the future benefits and want to take advantage of house inflation.

Having a standard rental income and taking advantage of property inflation, the statement stated that these buy-to-let investors were thinking to make a small deposit for a home for themselves.