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Numerous financial services experts are formerly anticipating big mortgage market turmoil, subsequent cataclysm in financial markets right through the globe. Homeowners who are currently in adverse credit division of the mortgage market in specific, a firm increase in interest rate repayments could be in the channel.

The poor credit or adverse mortgage market has been completely affected by recent events in USA. That area, the sub-prime mortgage market has bowed leaving many borrowers in complexity. The Fixed-rate mortgage loans are expected to stay one of the few mortgage types which are adapting to become cheaper in the future.

Geoffrey Dicks, UK economist at the Royal Bank of Scotland commented on the programme Money Box Radio 4, the mortgage rates are expected to carry on increasing. The reportedly said: "One thing certain that will come out of this financial turmoil, is that the general level of mortgage rates - and other interest rates for that matter - will be higher relative to the Bank of England's official base rate."

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