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HSBC re-launch mortgage rate matcher scheme



HSBC are in the process to re-launch their Rate Matcher mortgage deals, however their product comes with a fee of up to £4,700.

It has been designed for borrowers that have current mortgage deals with intentions to bring rates as low as 2.49% and they are looking for homeowners who are relying on their lenders' standard variable rate (SVR).

HSBC's head of mortgages, Martijn van der Heijden, commented: "One of the reasons floating mortgage rate holders have put off fixing their mortgage is that rates on offer are often 2%-4% higher than what they are currently paying. Our Rate Matcher mortgage gives these borrowers another option and enables them to fix at, or close to, the rate they are depositing."

The 2.49% low rate will only be available as a 2-year fix option while the lowest rate for homeowners wanting to fix for five years will be 4.24 per cent.

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