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The mortgage lending market is soon to endure and increase’, leaving borrowers to pay additionally more for a brand new mortgage loan.

Andy Hornby, spoke at a banking conference located in London, the person in charge of HBOS (a big firm related with the mortgage industry), commented: ", we can already see that mortgage pricing is starting to adjust to reflect increased wholesale funding costs. Increased mortgage costs to consumers will inevitably lead to a slowdown in the mortgage market."

Unluckily for borrowers, increases on price plans are by now being examined, leaving key lenders to increase the cost of their tracker mortgage products. Alliance and Leicester, Abbey and Nationwide have all raised the cost of their tracker loans.

There is no certainty on how long these high increases are going too last. Mr Hornby spoke further: "Recently we've seen such a ready supply of credit and such benign economic conditions that risk had become mispriced. I believe 'readjustment' of pricing will present HBOS with real opportunities for value creation going ahead."

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